Atlas Twister Air Brace

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From the moment it’s on your body, you’ll be comfortable using the Atlas Air. The sleek new design has been refined to fit better, move around less, and look better, while providing the unmatched comfort and mobility our customers know and love.

The new Atlas Air is unbelievably light - only 599g. And yet it’s more functional and adjustable than the previous model. With the new frame shape, added adjustability, and Easy Open system - all beautifully crafted into a smaller package - the Atlas Air is the best neck brace experience available. Period.

Just like people, not all neck brace are created equal. The DNA of each Atlas Brace starts with our Split Flex frame technology. Controlled amounts of engineered flexibility mimic your natural body movements. We would say you can feel the difference, but actually you can barely feel anything at all.

The sleek and slim new design is a smaller overall product than before, yet it has 27% more contact with your body than the competition. That massive amount of surface area helps spread out potentially harmful impact forces, with an enhanced comfort level making it feel like you are wearing less than before.


SM 33” - 36” (84cm - 92 cm)

MD 37” - 41” (94cm - 104 cm)

LG 42”+ (106+ cm)