Gamo Whisper-X 4.5mm Air Rifle

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Gamo Whisper-X 4.5mm Air Rifle

The Gamo Whisper-X 4.5mm Air Rifle is the best of the Gamo technology combined with a new and revolutionary stock design and barrel. The Whisper X offers a combination of full power, a new ergonomic design, lightweight and silencer. No gas required, simply bend the barrel down to cock the spring, place any shape of pellet or dart, close the barrel and pull the trigger. Capable of humanely killing rabbits and possums with one well placed shot at up to 50 metres. Realistic range is 20-30 metres with ease. Maximum range 100 metres.

This is the lightest and quietest rabbit hunter we have seen. There are cheaper options but if you can afford a Gamo you will never regret it. Each model is tested for over 150,000 shots. Fitted with Truglo open sights. A telescopic sight can be easily clamped to the built in scope rail on the top of the receiver (Scope not included).

This rifle fires lead pellets at over 1000fps in .177 calibre making it perfect for hunting rabbits or possums.


Noise dampener

Break barrel

Rifled barrel

Polymer coated barrel

Two stage trigger

Cocking safety


Ergonomic design

Sound moderator

Ambidextrous stock

Adjustable rear sight

Bull barrel


Calibre: 4.5mm (.177)
Weight: 3kg
Length: 117cm
Velocity: 305 m/s (1000 fps)

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