Scissor MX Lift Stand

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MX Scissor Lift Stand is a super-easy, super-strong alternative to traditional dirt bike stands. The MX Scissor Lift Stand is a height adjustable stand built on top of a hydraulic jack so you can lift and lower your bike using the integrated foot controls.

Using this stand you’ll be able to lift your bike anywhere from 14 to 33 inches off the ground, making the MX Scissor Lift Stand a necessity when you want to work on your bike without bending over and sacrificing your back. And since the lift is built from heavy duty steel components that can handle anything up to 300 pounds, you’ll have no shortage of hard use from the Motorsport Products MX Scissor Lift Stand.

This Hydraulic Scissor Lift is designed for MX Dirt Bikes

Adjustable height, from 14-33 inches off the ground

Foot Pedals are incorporated to lift & lower the stand

It lifts your motorcycle to a comfortable work height

Foot Peg secure springs system to stabilize the bike

Safety Pin for extra insurance

Heavy-Duty steel frame construction

Large oil drain hole

Oil & gas resistant rubber top

300 lb. weight capacity